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VeryBestChoice light
Voice of the Stakeholder Analysis




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VeryBestChoice Light allows you to do the following:

  • Maintain repository of features
  • Allow stakeholder to annotate features and to suggest new ones
  • Allows stakeholders to communicate among each other
  • Flexible definition of stakeholders
  • Anytime-Anywhere prioritization of features by nominated stakeholders
  • Assignment of degrees of importance to stakeholders
  • Drag & drop scoring of features on nine-point scale with fixed or flexible number of scores
  • Flexible definition of prioritization criteria
  • Multiple criteria for prioritization
  • Import and export of project data and results via MS Excel

Insights gained from VBC light:

  • Ranking of features for individual criteria (Which features are top
  • Ranking of features for aggregation of all criteria (Which features are top ranked?)
  • Trade-off analysis of features (How features are scored looking at two
  • Analysis of commonalities between stakeholder opinions (Which features are largely agreed upon between stakeholders?)
  • Analysis of differences between stakeholder opinions (Which features are most controversial between stakeholders?)
  • Comparison of stakeholder assigned priorities for groups of features (How do groups of features compare to each other in terms of their feature priorities?)
  • Comparison of priorities between groups of stakeholders (How do two defined groups of stakeholders compare to each other in the priorities assigned to features?)
  • Commonalities between stakeholders in their feature priority profile (Which stakeholders are similar in their priorities of features?)