Release Planner 2.0

    Our flagship product, ReleasePlanner™ 2.0 is a propritery tool that integrates the experience and intuition of the human experts with the computational strength of optimization algorithms. ReleasePlanner™ has been proven successful with 100+ customers and trial projects. Release 2.0 incorporates innovations such as the ability to seamlessly exchange data with JIRA, when-to-release planning, and technical debt monitoring.

Strategic Release Planning

  • Business Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Voice of Customers
  • Technical Strategy

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VeryBestChoice (VBC)

    Decisions in all business and technology areas are often based on the input of a variety of stakeholders. But how balancing all their conflicting opinions? The question is to aggregate all this information and to visualize the main findings that can be obtained out of it. The web‐based services provided by VBCLight. is assisting you to perform these processes more effectively and more efficient.

Portfolio Management

  • Release Planning
  • Project Portfolio Planning
  • Product Road Mapping

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    RASORP is an Optimized Staffing tool that can generate detailed Operational Plan based on the Release plans generated by ReleasePlanner. The tool is capable of advanced allocation with multiple resources and constraints.

Continuous Development

  • Usage Date Research
  • Technical Strategy
  • Consulting Services

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