Joan Cadd

Planning & Quality Manager, HAMB Systems Limited, South Australia.

    "We have used ReleasePlanner® to plan releases for two of our major applications. Release Planner enables our stakeholders to have direct input into the planning of releases, rather than relying on one or two managers, or three or four stakeholders. All our stakeholders become involved in the prioritisation process in an open and transparent way, and are able to easily assign priorities to requirements using a web application. Voting results are easily published, enabling stakeholders to see that the release plan reflects stakeholders priorities. No longer is there any mystery about what requirements are put into a release. The optimisation process takes a few minutes and replaces a process that previously took several weeks. We can easily see which stakeholders will not be happy with the release plan and can take steps to manage their expectations."


Eduard Kaiser

Siemens Audiologische Technik GmbH

    "We have used ReleasePlanner® for planning future releases of one of our key products. The decision support system has helped us to make the whole planning process more efficient. From including more than 20 stakeholders overseeing sales, marketing and users of the product around the world has provided substantial new insights into the needs of the different types of customers.
    With this information, we are now in a much better position to optimize our product features towards customer needs which is of key importance to further increase the competitiveness of our products.”


Mark Stanford

Director Program Management

    The iGrafx division of Corel has adapted ReleasePlanner® for current and future release planning. We use the tool to save development costs and to better ensure that future Igrafx product releases that meet customer requirements. As iGrafx Program Manager, I have found ReleasePlanner® to be very easy to use and stakeholders also like the convenient web interface for ranking requirements. Releases that meet customer requirements save costs. In the past, we have immediately followed new releases with additional "workarounds" and "updates" to address customer needs that we should have been addressed during the planning stages. These short-term fixes are labor-intensive and costly. I believe ReleasePlanner® will help us get our next releases "right the first time."


Ville Hämäläinen

Director of R&D Stonesoft Corporation, Helsinki, Finland

    "At Stonesoft, almost 100 stakeholders have voted and prioritized the feature candidates. This gives support for decisions that affect the future of the company. Roadmapping is no longer based on a good feeling. As our stakeholders are distributed to many countries worldwide, it is important that ReleasePlanner® is available from anywhere at any time. The user interface is simple enough that even first-time users immediately learn how to use it. The process is simple but effective."

Joseph Momoh

Project Manager

    Time saving performing planning pulling together the roadmap and generating the release plans takes 60% of a full time job for a product manager and a release manager. ReleasePlanner™ provides a quick overview of requirements and the generation of alternative release plan becomes trivial through the push of a button on the keyboard. It is estimated through the case study that a saving of about 50% of the time spent carrying out the initial plan is achieved. Quick and improved re-planning Changes in requirements always need to revise the plan to accommodate the change. This process consumes about 30% of a release manager's job including the time of other stakeholders involved in the release. It is estimated that stakeholders spend on average three hours a week for re-planning during the release. The findings in the case study indicate that a time saving of 75% is achievable through the use of ReleasePlanner™.

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